Our directory is a listing of ministries, missionaries, and organizations throughout the US that are led by our members.

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Jim & Bonnie Scott

Indianapolis, IN | Midwest Region


For nearly 40 years, the Celebration Puppeteers and their ministry team of youth and adults have spread the gospel message through puppets, mime, sign language and other creative arts throughout their region and on missions to Mexico. Visit their church's website.

God's Rods Puppet Ministry

Scott MacDonald

El Paso, TX | South Region

The mission of the God's Rods Puppet Ministry is to teach children about their relationship with God using the art of live multimedia puppetry. We present live puppet shows teaching biblical lessons with a fun and entertaining twist. Visit their website.

Matthew & Friends

Matthew Miller
Baltimore, MD | East Region


Matthew is a ventriloquist eager to spread God’s word, hope and love to children and adults with programs that combine delightful characters, humor, and a message. He ministers at churches, missions, senior homes, and community programs.

Picadilly Puppets

Nancy Riggs

Atlanta, GA | South Region

Piccadilly Puppets is a secular, non-profit touring puppet company that has been entertaining and educating children for 50 years! We also offer a Christian Bible story shows for church and family groups. Learn more about us by visiting our website.


Larry & Vonnie Pratt

Port Orchard, WA | West Region


Country Lovin' Ministries' mission is to share the Gospel via puppets, music, and message. They minister in rural Washington and the Pacific NW at camps, churches, nursing homes, Vacation Bible Schools, and community events to children of ALL ages! Visit their website.


Julia Severance

Albany, OR | West Region

The King's Kids Puppets teach the Gospel and minister to others using puppetry, music, and blacklight at church events and conferences. They also disciple their new generation of young puppeteers and leadership team in fun and unique ways. Visit their website.

No Strings Attached

Lisa Charlton

Guelph, ON, CAN | Midwest Region

No String Attached is the creative ministry team of Calvary Baptist in Ontario. Our ministry's goal is to share the Gospel using creative mediums while investing in our students to develop their creativity and leadership skills. Visit our church's website.

Virtuous Reality

John Coen

Lancaster, OH | Midwest Region

Virtuous Reality Blacklight Theater has been entertaining audiences of all ages since 1993. We share the Good News through puppetry and blacklight techniques. Our shows are a great way to invite your community to church for an evening of inspiration! Visit their website.


Carol and Rebecca Ennis

Forest City, NC | East Region

GLOW (Go Light Our World) is a team of youth dedicated to sharing the Gospel with all ages. We use a various creative ministry techniques, including blacklight, sign language, and dowel rods, and perform throughout our community and at conferences, including FCP National.


Debbie Streicher

Cumberland, MD | East Region

The Luther League's mission is to share the Gospel in creative ways for all ages so that they may know the story of Jesus and his love. They prepare presentations for Christmas and Easter and visit home bound and nursing homes for special programs. Visit their church's website.

Patchwork Gen2

Linda MacAuslan

Gillett, PA | East Region

Patchwork is an acronym for - Partners Adopted Through Christ Having Willing Obedience Revealing Kingship - the Kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ. We use  puppets, music, dowel rods and blacklight to share the gospel and His Kingship.


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