We are very excited about the team we've assembled for FCP 2019! Please keep them in prayer as they prepare to share with us throughout the week during devotions, workshops and performances. You may read their biography by clicking their image.

Jill Bryan | Ventriloquism
Jill has been ministering for over 35 years an Evangelist, Ventriloquist, Magician, and Missionary to whatever people and places God has taken her to.
Dave Privett | Puppetry
Dave is a highly accomplished master puppeteer, puppet designer, and writer in both Christian and secular settings. He is a recipient of two regional Emmy awards and an original puppet designer and puppeteer for “Baby Einstein."

Dave may be best known, however, for designing unique puppets for Playsoup like the wildly popular line of Toobie Puppets, the playful Gleeps, and the innovative LiteHeadz.
Barb Field | Clowning & Mime
Barb Field is a NY-state certified teacher and professional clown and mime. She first discovered her passion for mime in 1989 on her first mission trip to Mexico. Since then, she has visited hundreds of churches, painted thousands of faces, and graciously ministered on missions, streets and wherever the Lord leads her.
Jeff Smith | Children's Ministry
Jeff Smith is a master teacher in drama, worship arts, music ministry, teacher training, children's ministry and creative arts. In the creative ministry world, however, he may be best known for being the creator of the Dowel Rod ministry technique!
Linda MacAuslan | Puppet Building
Linda and her husband, Ray directed the puppet ministry, “Patchwork” for over 35 years. They utilized puppets, props, blacklights and human visualizations to present the Kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ in a variety of settings. Linda enjoys directing the choir in their Church, teaching the teen Sunday School Class and singing on the Worship team. She is a RN and recently retired as a System Director of Education/School of Nursing in Elmira, NY.
Kristofer Sommerfeld | Puppetry
Kristofer is the director of Evergreen Creative Ministries and has 13 years of experience in multi-media, puppetry, creative arts, and children’s ministry. Kristofer has trained under some of the nation’s top puppeteers. He is the president of the National Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers (FCP). Kristofer is the founder of Kristofer Sommerfeld Productions and the brand “Puppedcation.”
Jill Harrington | Puppet Building
Jill is the founder and director of PRINCE PUPPETS, a multi-faceted performance team. For more than a quarter of a century Jill and the PRINCE PUPPETS have traveled many kingdoms far and wide sharing the love of Jesus.

When she isn't busy cleaning the moat or fighting dragons, Jill toils within the castle workshop creating puppets sold worldwide. She is also director of Metro Children's Outreach which provides sidewalk Sunday School and creative ministry training to urban youth.
Larry & Vonnie Pratt | Devotions
The Pratts are InFaith Missionaries and use Christ-centered music and puppet ministry to present the truth found in God’s Word to all who will listen through their ministry, through Country Lovin' Puppets.
Dotti Seitz | Ventriloquism
Dotti is an award-winning ventriloquist who launched her career at the tender age of 64. In 2007, Dotti and her husband, Steve, founded The Puppet and Story Works. Together, they write and perform shows full of fun, laugher, and Biblical truth for audiences of all ages. They also perform with the internationally acclaimed puppet education program, The Kids on the Block (KOB), to enlighten children about disabilities awareness, medical/educational differences, and social concerns in an engaging w
Michael T | Gospel Magic
Michael T. is an Ordained Minister, Magician, Motivational Speaker and Children's Book Author. He travels throughout North America and around the world entertaining and challenging audiences of all ages in churches, schools, service organizations, corporations and back yards! Each day Michael T. wears a big Smile so he can be an encouragement to others that they may see the Love of Jesus Christ through him and to plant that Seed!
Gabriel Galdamez | Creativity
Gabriel has been passionately involved creative arts for over 15 years and God has accomplished infinitely more than he might have ever imagined!

Gabriel has a heart for teaching young people the value of pouring their gifts at Christ's feet. He is the director of "Create, Minister, Teach!” in the San Francisco Bay Area and has trained teams and leaders throughout the United States and Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua and Ecuador.
Debbie Streicher | Leadership
Debbie Streicher has always had a passion for puppetry and has been involved in ministry for 20+ years. She has led ministries in VA and MD and several other ministries have sprouted from these ministries in other parts of the country. She is currently the Co-Director of Milestones Ministry, LLC and Past President of the Christian Education Network of the ELCA.
Garrett Elliott | Creative Ministry
Garret's love of music and drama has played a part in inspiring his desire to share God’s love with others in very unique ways. Garrett has eight years of experience in choreographing for all sorts of creative arts, from human video to dowel rods. Whether it be through dramas, dance-infused sign language, or directing productions, he is always striving to be inventive in the creative world.
Amanda Sommerfeld | Puppetry
Amanda will find a use for anything in ways they weren’t intended for. She is the “go-to” for ideas on how to make almost any kind of prop. Amanda has 10 years of experience in puppetry.
Bill Scott | Leadership
Bill Scott, a retired pastor from southeastern Pennsylvania, has had a life-long interest in puppetry, integrating into many aspects of his ministry. In addition to his own pastoral work, he has led workshops and worked with local congregations, Sunday School associations, and Christian schools to equip others to use puppets in classrooms, children’s ministry, outreach and short-term mission projects.
Patsy Coffin | Puppet Building
Patsy has been working with and making puppets for 25 years. She has been teaching children's church for 45 years.

She has been on two mission trips to Honduras where she taught how to make and manipulate puppets. She also has puppets in Ecuador, Philippines and China.
Kristyn Sommerfeld | Creative Min
Kristyn loves music and has a gift for using sign language as praise and worship. She has 13 years of experience in puppetry and children’s ministry. Kristyn excels at making a puppet come to life and interpretive movement.
Rebecca Ennis | ASL
Rebecca Ennis is an art and music teacher from Forest City, NC. She is the co-director of GLOW, a creative arts team at Florence Baptist Church. Their team incorporates puppets, sign language, blacklight and various creative movements into programs they present for their church and community. She has been involved in the creative arts for 17 years.
Sharon Tucker | Ballooning
Anna Gudgeon | Worship
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