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Ministry SLAM! 

We are very excited to announce that we plan to host our first ever Ministry Slam at FCP 2017 on Thursday, July 20th. This will be an opportunity for ministry teams and performers attending FCP to present short-form pieces for the Conference!

We encourage acts to fit within a 3-6 minute time frame, though we can discuss options if your piece is longer. All creative ministries are welcome! Whether it's a puppet song, dowel rods, a monologue, a skit, gospel illusion, ballooning or you name it, we would love to see it!

Slam participants may also opt to receive critique for their piece. This is a fantastic opportunity for growing and strengthening your ministry!

Space is limited. 

We are also thrilled to announce that we are planning a Ministry Performers' Showcase at FCP 2017 on Friday, July 21st. This will is an opportunity for performers to promote their ministry by presenting for the conference and the public!


Please plan to have a minimum 10 minutes of material to showcase and a maximum of 15 minutes. Final time frames will be determined once the line-up is finalized.


Selected presenters are strongly encouraged to invite their local contacts to the Performers' Showcase. FCP also plans to promote the showcase to local churches.

Space is limited. Apply early.                                                    

Ministry Performers' Showcase

Call for Acts
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