We are very excited about the team we've assembled for FCP 2017! Please keep them in prayer as they prepare to share with us throughout the week during devotions, workshops and performances. You may read their biography by clicking their image.

Brent Vernon | Author & Ventrilo
Brent Vernon is a singer-songwriter and ventriloquist from South Florida. Using songs, stories, and humor to communicate his faith, Brent has crisscrossed the United States countless times as well as performing in Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the Caribbean.
Dave Privett | Master Puppeteer
Dave Privett is the founder of PlaySoup and an Emmy award-winning writer, designer and puppeteer whose client list includes Disney's Creative Entertainment, Baby Einstein, and SaddleBack Kids. He has over 30 years expertise in puppetry arts and performing.
Gabriel Galdamez | Creative Director
Gabriel has been enthusiastically involved creative arts for over 15 years. He is the director and founder of "Create, Minister, Teach!” in the San Francisco Bay Area. Blending powerful stories with diverse creative ministries to share the Gospel message, their ministry has presented and taught across the US, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua and Ecuador for churches, conferences and mission trips.
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Kristofer Sommerfeld | Leadership
Kristofer is the director of Evergreen Creative Ministries and has 13 years of experience in multi-media, puppetry, creative arts, and children’s ministry. Kristofer has trained under some of the nation’s top puppeteers. He is the president of the National Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers (FCP). Kristofer is the founder of Kristofer Sommerfeld Productions and the brand “Puppedcation.”
Bill Scott | Puppetry
Bill Scott, a retired pastor from southeastern Pennsylvania, has had a life-long interest in puppetry, integrating into many aspects of his ministry. In addition to his own pastoral work, he has led workshops and worked with local congregations, Sunday School associations, and Christian schools to equip others to use puppets in classrooms, children’s ministry, outreach and short-term mission projects.
Kendra Sommerfeld | Kid Ministry
Her education and 35 years of experience are centered in children’s ministry. Her passion is for children to know how very much God loves them. Kendra teaches at regional creative arts conferences.
Patsy Coffin | Puppet Building
Patsy has been working with and making puppets for 25 years. She has been teaching children's church for 45 years.

She has been on two mission trips to Honduras where she taught how to make and manipulate puppets. She also has puppets in Ecuador, Philippines and China.
Kristyn Sommerfeld | Sign Language
Kristyn loves music and has a gift for using sign language as praise and worship. She has 13 years of experience in puppetry and children’s ministry. Kristyn excels at making a puppet come to life and interpretive movement.
Sarah Ennis | ASL
Sarah has been involved in the creative arts ministry in her church for 15 years. She has been involved with FCP National and Carolina conferences for 8 years and this is where her passion is.

Sarah has a degree from Gardner-Webb University in American Sign Language, and loves to teach others this beautiful language to glorify God.
Linda MacAuslan | Puppet Building
Amanda Ward | Creative Ministry
Amanda will find a use for anything in ways they weren’t intended for. She is the “go-to” for ideas on how to make almost any kind of prop. Amanda has 10 years of experience in puppetry.
Garrett Elliot | Creative Ministry
Garret's love of music and drama has played a part in inspiring his desire to share God’s love with others in very unique ways. Garrett has eight years of experience in choreographing for all sorts of creative arts, from human video to dowel rods. Whether it be through dramas, dance-infused sign language, or directing productions, he is always striving to be inventive in the creative world.
Joe Dunfee | Marionettes
Rebecca Ennis | Dowel Rods
Carol Ennis | Leadership
Carol Ennis is the FCP Treasurer. She is assistant director of the GLOW Creative Arts Team at her church. Carol has been involved in FCP for eight years and Carolina FCP for 5 years.
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